Connect to Comprehension Center for Literacy Learning

Congratulations! You have found a site that provides you with solid research-based information on the science of reading along with practical techniques and strategies to provide powerful intervention to your struggling readers.


Your first step should be to view the Connect to Comprehension intervention program at I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the program and its implementation by email at [email protected]


Once you purchase the program, an in-depth training can be found in the course library below, "Connect to Comprehension Virtual Training". This will allow you to be confident and successful as you work with your struggling readers using Connect to Comprehension. You’ll learn all about the components of the program, including a step-by-step guide to using the assessments included to determine each student’s strengths and weaknesses in all areas of reading. You will receive important information concerning the research base for CtoC. You will learn how to plan lessons and how to organize your materials. You’ll even get to watch a one-on-one CtoC lesson with a struggling reader.


The additional virtual courses below are invaluable for enhancing your knowledge of literacy and the teaching of each reading component. These can be purchased as stand-alone courses or as supplements to the CtoC course and training.

Connecting Research, Techniques, & Strategies to Improve Literacy for All Students

A video from the Connect to Comprehension founder, Lynn Givens

Professional Development Hours

Upon completion of each course you will be awarded a Certificate of Professional Development that you can download and print. "Connect to Comprehension Virtual Training" will qualify you for 5 online hours, and all other courses will qualify for 1.5 online hours.