This is a unique class that helps you learn about and practice two essential vocabulary sets of strategies: how to choose and teach individual words most effectively AND how to help students make connections between and among the words that they are learning. You will be provided with many examples of activities along with graphic organizers for each of these sets of strategies. In addition, you’ll receive a Making Connections Student Notebook that can guide your students in the strategies that you learn here. This course can be a game-changer for all teachers!

Are you searching for ways to provide more effective vocabulary instruction for your students?

This type of instruction is valuable for all students; but it is critical for our struggling readers, who often have large gaps in word knowledge. This informative and practical class teaches you how best to help your students learn new words and, more importantly, how to help them make connections between new and more familiar words.  You can help all of your students become word-conscious detectives through the techniques and strategies provided here.

In this class, you will learn...

-the National Reading Panel’s conclusions concerning vocabulary instruction

-why struggling readers need more/different vocabulary instruction and practice

-how to choose the best words to teach and practice

-10 ways to provide effective vocabulary instruction and practice, including specific engaging activities for each
-importance of making vocabulary connections

-5 guidelines for making these connections, including a variety of unique graphic organizers

-how to assess vocabulary most effectively to guide future learning

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